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This is a guideline for basic windows.
Here are some additional services we offer to our customers.

  • Storm Windows Cleaning
  • Skylights Cleaning
  • Mirrors Polishing
  • Screens Washing
  • Chandeliers
  • Solar Screen Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Washing

In an effort to make keep your windows looking best year round, we offer several cleaning plan options. 

When you’re busy; you’ve got plenty of other things on your plate. We understand that, which is why we offer window cleaning programs that allow you sign up once and then forget about it. Not only does this allow you to keep your windows clean with very little thought on your end, but you also save money.

​Annual Programs Discounts

  • Weekly- 35% off 
  • Bi-Weekly- 30% off 
  • Monthly- 25% off 
  • Quarterly- 20% off 
  • Semi-Annually 10% off

  •   Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
  •   Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
  •   Acid Rain
  •   Sea Spray
  •   Over spray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

In most cases, hard mineral or hard water is the biggest threat to most home and business owners. The need for expensive glass restoration can be avoided with regular cleaning to exterior window glass surfaces.  

Let the sun shine in!
Beyond the obvious, the most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:
The owner actually did the work, which was nice. He did a very good job and gave me good advice on how to further improve my windows. I liked how he offered extra services without being pushy about it.
Annual Programs