Money in your pocket...
Recycle Programs: Business or homeowners we can work with you to reduce the amount of waste in your office, putting more to your bottom line

Single Stream allows customers to mix recyclable paper, plastic, aluminum cans and glass in one bin. This method has many advantages:

  •   Toss ALL your recycling into one cart
  •   Recycle MORE and more types of items
  •   Encourages MORE residents to recycle

Green Services: We don't want to reinvent the wheel we just want to provide 
resources and services to help in a short or long term savings and footprint reduction.  

  • Energy Reduction Program: Temperature control, light bulbs, insulation and water monitoring.

  • Air Systems Maintenance: Our program can make your home breath better with filtration maintenance,scheduled filter replacements, dust removal and cleaning with non-toxic products. 

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  • Dirty filters make your unit work harder. For maximum efficiency, clean or replace your air filters every month. 

  • Make the switch from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescents. 
Recycle With Clean It Up Rich!